in 1999, jochen bette founds the jochen bette unternehmensagentur in bielefeld.

as one of the first consulting companies in germany, the jochen bette unternehmensagentur develops the notion of network specialists, and since that time has supported its customers holistically and personally or in conjunction with specialists and service providers, each customised to the task in hand.

following professional appointments as product and sales manager in companies, such as gerry weber ag, s.oliver group and sinn leffers ag, the jochen bette unternehmensagentur has since then been supporting companies and entrepreneurs in the fashion-, lifestyle- and clothing-industry in their duties in the environments of marketing, product development and sales, retail, sourcing and staff recruitment.

in 2001, the jochen bette unternehmensagentur moves to the historic speicherstadt in hamburg. together with its network partners, the jochen bette unternehmensagentur develops extensive networks for its customers and business partners in a former tea warehouse. in 2007, another development and move within hamburg is on the cards. the speicherstadt which up to that point had been a quiet “corner” of hamburg spared by the tourist boom, increasingly develops into a nerve-racking ordeal for all employees of the jochen bette unternehmensagentur and its partners.

together with jens mack, a friend and an innovative entrepreneur who had also discovered the speicherstadt as his company headquarters, the jbag moves into new premises at pinnasberg in hamburg, this time not directly at the elbe, but with a view over the river instead.

in 2009, the jochen bette unternehmensagentur turns 10 years old. there is no celebration; we just wonder how time flies.

in 2010, settled at pinnasberg, but at home in herford.

a further development in the jochen bette unternehmensagentur is family-oriented. in consideration of the family and roots of the spouses jochen und lavinia bette, a further location in herford is occupied in order to combine private and professional interests in the best possible manner.

in 2015, the jochen bette unternehmensagentur is as ever a network organisation specialising in the textile sector. the jochen bette enterprise agency has maintained closed links to this day with a major portion of partners and customers of the initial years.

connections have become friendships….an aspect about which we are very proud.

after 20 years, we are looking forward to the future now and what we will be able to achieve.

jochen bette